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First review, bottoms up.

If you live in Ottawa and are into craft beer, chances are you’ve heard of Beyond the Pale Brewing Company. Additionally, if you were at the National Capital Craft Beer Week festival like I was last weekend, you would have seen that they are REALLY popular. Well folks, there’s a reason for this.

Based in Hintonburg, Beyond the Pale (BTP) is tucked into a side street near the intersection of Holland and S

cott Street. I found the brewery by chance while on a walk during lunch. You can go in Thursday – Sunday to sample their beers and purchase growlers, as well as shirts and what-not.

Today I will be reviewing their IPA called Hop on Your Face. This beer is 7.5% ABV and packs a solid 77 IBU’s.

National Capital Craft Beer Week revisited with this growler from the brewery.

National Capital Craft Beer Week revisited with this growler from the brewery.

First impression: Great fucking name.

Now for the technical stuff.

Pours dark amber with a slightly tan head. Aroma is sweet and fruity; quite bold. I pick up on some caramel richness as well. I think they packed the right amount of hops into this one; evident and flavourful but didn’t overpower anything else in the taste. Also had citrus and toasted malts on the palate. The finish was piney and perfectly bitter, but overall it was quite smooth throughout. For a beer that is 7.5%, the booze is masked quite well, but be careful – that shit will sneak up on you like Dexter Morgan hunting his next victim (my girlfriend and I are hooked on Dexter. If you don’t watch it then you are not worthy of Netflix. Also, you suck).

Hop on Your Face is everything I look for in an IPA and I would recommend it to any seasoned IPA drinker.

 BTP is doing great things and they have extremely friendly staff who can answer your questions, and more importantly give you samples of their product. If you haven’t done so already, go check them out.

As my buddy Brad said at the craft beer festival this weekend: “I think I should just go give Beyond the Pale all my money now, because that’s probably what’s going to happen anyway.” Thirty minutes later Brad proceeded to pass out in the music tent while a live band was performing. God I love that guy.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first review of a local Ottawa micro brewery. I always appreciate feedback of any variety because at least I know you took the time to glance at my blog.

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