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3:30 am review of Great Lakes Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale

Here’s a treat readers.

It’s 3:35am, I’m 4 beers deep, and I’ve decided this is a good time to crack open a bottle of something interesting. Tonight I’ll be having a look at Pumpkin Ale by Great Lakes Brewery in Etobicoke.

As a native of Etobicoke, I am always happy to try anything these guys are able to come up with. They’ve always got something interesting on the go, and undoubtedly a witty name for their product. Also, Great Lakes beer just reminds me of home – nuff said.


Great Lakes beer: proving Etobicoke can produce better things than the Ford brothers.

I better get drinking before I inevitably pass out mid blog.

Aroma is sweet pumpkin with a bit of seasonal spice which reminds me of Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. I am definitely able to taste the allspice which is mentioned on the label. Other flavour’s include nutmeg and clove. The spicing is quite light overall. The aftertaste is pumpkin and allspice like a hint of pumpkin pie.

Overall I was satisfied with this one. I could definitely taste the pumpkin and the spices complimented it well. I aim to try as many pumpkin ales as I can get my hands on in order to properly assess this style.

For now however, I am exhausted. It is nearing 4am and I have a long list of things to do tomorrow. I’m going to down this beer and call it a night.

As always, feel free to give me your opinion on my drunk, tired review. After all, you’re probably right.


Matt Swain


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