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Lake of Bays 10 Point IPA

I’m finishing up the last of my beer from my most recent LCBO run. Today I’ll be cracking open a bottle of Lake of Bays 10 Point IPA. As far as I can remember this is my first Lake of Bays beer ever (not sure of all the details near the end of the Ottawa Craft Beer Festival). That being the case, I’m not exactly sure what to expect.

Side Note: It’s getting damn cold here in Ottawa. I’m ready for stout season.

Anyways, on to the beer at hand.


Pours dark amber with a fairly decent white foam head. The appearance is very promising. So here goes.

This was not what I was expecting in an IPA from Ontario. Nose is malt, sweetness, and a hint of hops. Malt and caramel were evident throughout. I felt like it was trying to be hoppy, but just couldn’t quite get there. I wish the sweetness from the caramel flavor was balanced out a little more. Finish is smooth and light with an odd bitterness about it. Malt definitely trumped the hops throughout this one.

Quite light in mouth feel and not a regular drinker for me. I think the 10-point is an acquired taste; more like a 6-point in my books.

That’s it for me. As always, feel free to drop me a line or a follow on twitter (@Ottbeerguy).



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