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Rolling in Pumpkin

As you may have noticed from many craft beer blogs and twitter accounts, pumpkin-flavoured-beer-season is upon us (some people just call it Autumn… fucking hipsters). I managed to pick up a bunch more promising brews of that nature during my trip to the LCBO this week.

Today I’m looking at a beer brewed in ‘Murica! Brooklyn, New York to be more specific. It’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale brewed by The Brooklyn Brewery. I’d like to say I bought this to get an American perspective on my recent pumpkin ale binge, but really I just bought every pumpkin beer that was on the shelf…

Now so far in my experiences, the aroma of a pumpkin beer is normally pretty attractive and tempting. The flavour is where they separate the men from the boys. I also find a light body doesn’t really fit this style. The richer the spice flavour, the more tasty the brew, at least as far as my palate goes.

With all that in mind, here we go.

Pours clear deep amber with a pretty persistent white head. Smells great; notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and of course pumpkin. Flavour is light pumpkin and a bit of spice; really not what I was hoping for as the malt over-powers the main notes that we normally look for in this style. Finishes smooth with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.


Cat was confused by the Beyond the Pale glass. She’s getting to know her brews…

Personally, I wouldn’t go out of my way to find this again in my local LCBO. It didn’t blow me away with quality, and there are definitely better seasonal options that are produced on our side of the border. On the plus side, it was less than $3 for a 355ml bottle.

Should be a few more reviews coming this week. My fridge is packed and it isn’t going to clear itself out…

As usual, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought, and thanks for the read.


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  1. You must try Southern Tier Pumking!

  2. I like the Post Road because it isn’t overwhelming in terms of spice or sweetness. It tastes more authentically pumpkin to me. And if only I had a nickel for every beer shot my cat has photo-bombed…

    • That’s a damn good assessment. I guess it just comes down to what we all look for in a beer style.
      Glad you enjoy it and thanks for the read!
      As for the cat, we have a love/hate relationship…

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