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All hail the King

Southern Tier Brewing Company has yet to let me down. Their IPA? Delicious. Their Milk Stout? Superb. (Southern Tier, if you’re reading this, consider this an official plea for you to send more of your products north of the border). Needless to say I had pretty high expectations when I was opening a bottle of their Imperial Pumpking. Something about the graphics on the bottle just demands respect and hints that this beer will impress. The fact that it’s 8.6% ABV and the short anecdote on the bottle only added to this.

I enjoyed this on the deck in my slippers, because university. Also it might be my last opportunity for a backyard beer of the season. It was glorious…


Pours a light amber with a standard white head.

Aroma is yeast , spice, and sweetness from the pumpkin. Starts off with light yeast and some spice tones, which switches to deliciously sweet pumpkin, followed by a spicy pumpkin finish which is relatively smooth with a bit of tangy bitterness. The flavour really closely mimicked a pumpkin pie, which impressed me. Despite the sweetness, I could totally session this brew, which I believe is due to the tangy finish.

The “King” in the name says it all. So far, this is my favourite pumpkin seasonal. The search isn’t over however! I’m also curious to hear what your favourite pumpkin beers are. Shoot me a tweet or simply leave a comment here.

Happy Friday guys!


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