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Taking a swing a home brewing (Part 1)

We finally took the leap.

For month’s I’ve been talking with my buddy Brad (you may remember him from this post) about setting up a home brewing kit in my basement and seeing what kind of beer we’re able to make. We kept saying we’d look into it, but nothing really ever came of the situation.

Until last week when I got a text from him telling (not asking) me that we were going to go to a local brewing store to pick up the supplies we would need. Thanks for kicking this into gear buddy…

The store we went to is called Defalco’s. They specialize in both beer and wine making equipment and supplies, and they seemed like a pretty good place for us to start.

Now we had decided ahead of time that the first beer we were going to make was going to be an IPA, but we didn’t really know how we would go about doing that. Well it looks like we chose the easiest method possible.After talking to a dude at the store, we bought:

1. Their beer/wine making equipment kit. This included:

  • 29 Litre plastic pail (primary fermenter)
  • 23 Litre glass carboy (secondary fermenter)
  • syphoning equipment & funnel
  • mixing spoon
  • air lock & stopper
  • sanitizer
  • thermometer & hydrometer

    Brewing kit from Defalco's

    Brewing kit from Defalco’s

2. An IPA kit made by a company called Brewhouse. This included:

  • 15 Litre bag of Wort
  • package of sodium bicarbonate
  • small package of brewers yeast
  • package of dextrose

For us, the pre-prepared wort was probably a blessing in disguise. Although we plan to make our own wort for our second brew, the first time around it is nice to be babied by the easy-to-follow instructions.

We’re looking into ways to “pimp” this kit before bottling by adding our own hops or other ingredients. Any expertise or advice from readers would be greatly appreciated!

At this point the beer is in the secondary fermenter and we’re keeping an eye on it for clarity and because our lives are so boring that we like to watch beer being beer in a big glass jug. I will be posting a Part 2 to this post when it comes time to bottle and sample.

Cheers for now.

Two happy brewers.

Two happy brewers.


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