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Seeing Red

Hey there everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post. Thanksgiving combined with a lot of other personal matters has been taking up most of my time. The beer I have been drinking, I’ve just been enjoying without thinking about silly things like “hop-malt balance” or how to describe the mouth-feel.

Anyways, last night I cracked a delightful beer while getting in a little bit of personal time with Grand Theft Auto before bed and jotted down my thoughts.

First and foremost: the new GTA is insane. If I didn’t have a full course-load and two jobs I would be balls deep in that game all day every day.

Now for the beer. I picked up a bottle of the highly sought-after Red on Red Collaboration Ale brewed as a collaboration between Flying Monkey’s (Ontario) and Central City Brewing (BC).

The label makes this beer stand out on the LCBO shelves. Not because it is bright and attention-seeking like we are used to seeing from Flying Monkey’s, but rather because it seems classy, exclusive, and better than you (yeah, YOU).

Drinking it:


I thought using the red controller would be fitting given the beverage at hand.

Pours deep red with an off white head that remains in tact throughout. Aroma is of citrus hops and strong malts. Crisp mouth feel with the twang of bittering hops, fruit, and sweet malt. Fantastically balanced, so that even at 80 IBU’s it doesn’t make your cheeks wrinkle. Finish is complex and includes alcohol, caramel, and a distinct bitter/sourness. The key word here is balanced. The 9.5% is masked well, and therefore dangerous.

Very tasty and complex collaboration beer made by two excellent Canadian breweries. Even though they are a few provinces apart, they got this one just right.

It feels like I treated myself tonight. Even though this was the same price as most 750ml craft beers at the LCBO, something about it feels special. One of those beers that you want to drink slower in order to savour the moment, yet before you know it there’s one sad sip left in your glass.

Adding Red on Red to my grocery list.


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