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Checkin out Uranus

Well I made it back to Toronto courtesy of Via Rail, and damn does it ever feel good to be home. Back in the land where all public transit announcements are inaudible, but you only have to listen to the speaker static in one language. It’s definitely the better of the two evils.

I biked to the LCBO tonight and picked up this Etobicoke-brewed beauty. It’s Sawdust City’s Long Dark Voyage to Uranus. Yes, I know Sawdust City is based in the breathtaking Gravenhurst Ontario, but they brewed this beer at Black Oak Brewing facilities here in Etobicoke. Two awesome places combining to make a stout means I have some pretty high expectations.


Aroma is dark chocolate, roasted malt, and booze. The smell makes me want to fill a swimming pool with this stuff and dive in. I was able to feel the booze on my lips with the first sip. Starts out with light toasty notes, moving to bitter dark chocolate with some sweetness, and finishing bitter with a light burn from the alcohol and some chocolate.

Overall the 9.0% is very prominent throughout this beer. I love all the characteristics of this beer; it’s extremely bold, in-your-face, and not a beer that I will be forgetting about anytime soon.

Part of me wishes they could’ve dialed down the ABV so that the other flavour’s could’ve come through a little better, but part of me likes how bold and strong it is.

This stout is not for the novice beer drinker or someone who thinks Guiness is the best stout ever made. I like Guiness and all, but it doesn’t take much poking around the craft beer scene to realize that there are better products being brewed in places a lot closer than Dublin, Ireland… My Dad was only able to handle a few mouthfuls of Uranus before gracefully bowing out and pouring his glass into mine.

I truly enjoyed this and plan on grabbing another bottle to split with friends.

Let me know what you folks thought. I’m all ears.


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