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I’m still alive

Hey there good lookin’.

Due to end of term papers and tests, along with work and a generally high level of procrastination, I haven’t made a post in a while. Don’t worry, I’ve still been drinking beer, I just haven’t taken the time to do any more than the odd check-in on Untappd (username is: Swainer – add me fools).

Tonight I’m drinking a beer I’ve had many times before. From the Quebec based brewery Dieu du Ciel!, its Penombre. This is a black IPA, a style which really interests me as it normally combines characteristics from my two favourite beer styles. Penombre is sold in a 4-pack in the LCBO for around $13.

Here are the details:


Pours pitch black with a frothy light tan head. Aromas of roast malt, nuttiness, coffee, and fruity hops. The palate is coffee, pine, bitter grapefruit, and earthy tones. The bitter grapefruit comes through in the finish, along with the malts and the mocha.

I really like this beer because it has the traits which I like in a stout combined with the bitterness I look for in an IPA. Dieu du Ciel! is constantly brewing excellent beer (try the Peche Mortel if you can find it) and this is no exception.

I’m looking forward to making more time to post now that classes are done, but no promises.



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