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Baby its cold outside

If you live in the Ottawa region, you were reminded this week of how god damn cold winter can get here in the Valley.

Anyways… It’s time for the last beer from my Bellwoods Brewery visit, and what better timing? I just finished my second of three exams and now have a break until Saturday… party time.

Its stout season folks, and I’m pumped as hell for some winter warmers. This beer is just that. Its Hellwoods Imperial Stout, and it’s a big fucking beer.


Aromas of vanilla, dark roasted malts, and dried fruit. This is a heavy beer starts out with flavours of roasted malts, switching to dried fruit which is slightly bitter, then moving to burnt caramel and dark chocolate for the finish with a slight burn from that 10% ABV.

This stout is on point. Bellwoods, I’ll be home for winter break in about a week. See you then.

To anyone who may read this, whats your favourite stout? (Feel free to name a few, I recognize that’s an unfair question).


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