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Downtown Amsterdam

Yet another exam week beer review. Let’s be honest, craft beer is a lot more interesting than studying for Intermediate Macroeconomics Part 2… Fuck the theories of aggregate supply & demand.

Tonight I’ve settled down with a tall can of Amsterdam Brewery’s Downtown Brown, brewed in Toronto. It’s a 5% ABV nut brown ale, and here’s what I thought:


Pour is dark brown with white head that dissipates pretty quickly. Aroma’s of roasted malts, dark chocolate, earthiness, hints of burnt caramel, and coffee. The smell is out of this world; like a diet stout. Flavour is toasted malt, light nuttiness, light earthy/grass, caramel, and desert coffee. Finish is clean with rich coffee.

Downtown Brown is light bodied and very sessionable. I could very easily see myself drinking eight of these in an evening (just kidding Mom). Its sweetness isn’t too over the top, and all of the beers flavour is able to come through nicely.

I recommend this for someone who isn’t normally a dark beer drinker. It won’t scare them away in the way that a Triple Chocolate Bull Testicle Imperial Stout might, and might help them transition into the beautiful world of browns, porters, and stouts.

Merry Christmas everyone. May your stouts be imperial, your IPA’s be hoppy, and your hangovers mild!


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