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Okay, I got REALLY busy at school during the second semester, so brewing beer and writing reviews definitely wasn’t a priority. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t drinking beer this whole time, I just wasn’t concerned with writing about it. The good news is that exams are over and I’m back home in Toronto and I couldn’t be more excited to have 4 months to check out all the great beer this city has to offer. I will be making a pointed effort to use this blog much more often this summer as I really have no excuse not to… (also because it’s fun).

Today I’m reviewing Great Lakes Brewery’s “Apocalypse Later”, an imperial black IPA weighing in at 10% ABV. I haven’t tried many black IPA’s but the ones that I have were all very impressive so I had some very high hopes for this one.


Pours jet black with a nice tan head. Aroma is fresh hops, sweet licorice, and citrus (maybe pine as well?). Earthy hops, caramel, licorice, with a bitter hoppy finish that hides the 10% scarily well… The hops definitely tone down the other flavours from the malt and are front and centre throughout this pint.

This one didn’t have as much roasted malt/chocolate flavours as the other black IPA’s I have tried. The “black” in the name seems to only speak to the colour of the beer. With that being said, I still really enjoyed this beer as I am a self-proclaimed hop-head. Yet another impressive beer from Great Lakes. I’m so stoked to be living 10 minutes away from the brewery all summer long!



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