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Hey gang.

If you haven’t heard, some of Toronto’s best craft breweries and craft beer bars have got a pretty sweet deal in store for folks like us. It’s called the Craft Beer Passport, and it offers holders of the passport the opportunity to enjoy a $2 beer at 20 different locations around the city.


In reality, you aren’t getting a full pint of beer for your toonie, and you aren’t able to select just ANY beer on each bars draught list. The passport gets you a 12 oz sample, which is still a good deal as that’s three-quarters of a full pint (or three-fifths of an imperial pint as Ben Johnson’s stick-in-the-mud readers quickly pointed out in his comments section here). Also keep in mind that you will be selecting your brew from 3 options at each pub.

Out of curiosity I contacted the founder of the passport, Mike Stulberg, to inquire as to whether each bar would be offering 3 exclusive beers to the program (ie. Are there 60 different beers available for the passport?). He told me that it is at the discretion of the bars but pointed out that it would be in their best interest to offer some unique selections to entice patrons to order another pint or six (my words, not his). In other words, there will likely be some overlap in terms of the beer offerings at the participating bars, but you’re sure to have no shortage of interesting new brews to try.

The passport is available online here or at many of the participating locations around the city. Pre-order is on now and the deal begins June 1st (so soon!).

For $20 I think it’s a great deal and an excellent way to encourage craft beer lovers to explore the local beer scene instead of always sticking to their usual watering-holes. I definitely encourage everyone in the Toronto area to take advantage of the passport and who knows; maybe I’ll bump into one of you at the pub!

Cheers for now.



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