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A stout for bedtime

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Hi there friends. Today I’m back to reviewing beer, although just a reminder that the Craft Beer Passport is now active, so get out and explore Toronto’s craft beer scene!

Today I’m reviewing a Belgian Stout from the always impressive Beau’s Brewing Co. This one is appropriately named Matt’s Sleepy Time Belgian Imperial Stout. It boasts an ABV of 8% and 38 IBU’s.

Great graphics on the bottle, which is nothing new from Beau's.

Great graphics on the bottle, which is nothing new from Beau’s.

Pours jet black with a moderately thick beige head. Aroma’s of dark fruit, vanilla, biscuit, spice, and some chocolate. First sip had more flavours of dark fruits, chocolate, and I could definitely pick up on the Belgian yeast. The 8% ABV provided a subtle boozy burn at the end.

Since the bottle was straight out of the fridge, I decided to let this one warm up a bit and see how the flavours changed. Great idea Matt *gives self high-five*.

After warming to room temp for about 20 minutes (the glass was sweating, as was my forehead):
The dark chocolate comes through much stronger on the palate, along with the spice from the yeast. There is a much more distinct vanilla sweetness to the aftertaste, complimenting the alcohol flavours nicely.
Most people wouldn’t be looking for a stout on a day like today (one of Toronto’s first humid days of smog season), but the Belgian spice and fruit really make it enjoyable despite the heat. I definitely recommend taking the bottle out of the fridge about 20 minutes before pouring it for the boldest flavours right from the start.



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