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My name is Matt and I’m a senior Economics student in Ottawa Ontario. I’m originally from Etobicoke, and I’m a huge craft beer fan. At first it was just a novelty, as I was a chronic purchaser of Carling during my freshman year beer runs. It all changed when a bartender buddy of mine offered me a Muskoka Mad Tom. I had no idea I would one day be so interested in the stuff, but life’s like that.

On top of buying beer, I’ve been able to give home brewing a shot, sticking to brewing with specialty grains and malt extracts. I haven’t been able to brew as much as I would like, but I find it gives a certain insight into the industry and the brewing process which I might not have if I hadn’t tried brewing first hand. On this blog I’ll be reviewing (mostly) Ontario craft beers, bars, events that I think are worth writing about, and some of my experiences with home brewing.

I started this blog for myself and nobody else. I enjoy beer and I wanted a way to take my hobby one step further, so here I am. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear your opinion though. If you want to comment on anything I write, please feel free to contact me by email (, twitter (@ottbeerguy), or leave a comment on my blog. Be as vulgar as you want.

Looking forward to this experience and hearing from you. Cheers.

Matt Swain


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